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MOHS Surgery Reconstruction Photos

Warning- Some of the pictures below are graphic in nature

MOHS Reconstruction of Eyebrow
MOHS surgery and MOHS reconstruction of the eyebrow before and after photos.
                                Before                                                             After

MOHS surgery was performed on her upper eyebrow to remove a basal cell skin cancer. A local flap was performed to repair the eyebrow, while maintianing the shape and contour of the brow.

Nasal Reconstruction After MOHS Surgery
Interpolated cheek flap for nose reconstruction after MOHS surgery
                                Before                                                             After

This patient had nose reconstruction to repair a nasal defect involving the nostril margin and the cheek. The nostril (nasal ala) was repaired with a 2 staged interpolated cheek flap (nasolabial flap) procedure. In the first stage of this facial reconstruction, skin and soft tissue from the cheek was trasferred to the nose in order to replace the missing tissue. His own cartilage was used as well, in order to maintain the contour of the nostril and prevent collapse of the ala. The second stage was performed 3 weeks later in order to detach the flap and to recreate the transition between the cheek and the nose.

Nasal Reconstruction with Forehead Flap
Facial reconstruction of the nose with a forehead flap before and after photos
                                Before                                                             After

A paramedian forehead flap was used to repair this large nasal defect created after the removal of a melanoma from her nose. The first stage was performed to transfer skin and soft tissue from the forehead to the nose. In the second stage of the procedure, 2 weeks later, the connection was detached to restore the forehead into position.

Forehead Flap for Nasal Reconstruction
mohs repair with a paramedian forehead flap before and after photos
                                Before                                                             After

The defect of this man's nose extended deep to the nasal cartilage and bone. A two stage forehead flap was performed to reconstruct this man's nose.

Repair of the Nose with a Skin Graft
mohs reconstruction with a skin graft to the nose
                                Before                                                             After

A skin graft was performed on this patient's nose in order to repair a defect after MOHS surgery. The contour of the skin graft was then improved with a planned dermabrasion in order to blend the graft with the surrounding skin and fine tune the final results.

Local Flap Reconstruction of the Nose
MOHS reconstruction of the nose with a local flap
                                Before                                                             After

A transposition flap was perfomed to repair this nasal defect. All of the incisions for repair were hidden within the nasal creases and transition points to camouflage them, making them impertceptible.

Upper Lip Reconstructive Surgery
MOHS surger of the upper lip with MOHS reconstruction before and after photos
                                Before                                                             After

A modified V to Y Island flap was performed to repair this upper lip defect. All of the incisions were hidden within the natural creases of the face.

Reconstruction of the upper lip after MOHS Surgery
Abbe-Estlander flap before and after photos

This patient had a full thickness (thorugh and through) defect of his upper lip after MOHS surgery to remove a lip cancer. Reconstruction of the lip was performed with a two staged Abbe-Estlander flap. He is seen here 6 months after repair and has normal lip function.

Repair of the upper lip with flap
Island Pedicle Flap to the upper lip for mohs reconstruction

MOHS reconstruction with an island pedicle flap to the upper lip was performed in order to repair this defect. The flap incisions are all hidden within the natural creases of the face.

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction
MOHS surger and reconstruction of the lower eyelid after skin cancer removal

A local flap to the lower eyelid was performed to repair this defect created after skin cancer removal from MOHS surgery.

Facial Reconstruction of the Cheek
Facial reconstruction after MOHS surgery of the cheek with a flap repair
                                Before                                                             After

A local transposition flap combined with a Z-plasty was performed in order to repair this gentleman's cheek defect.

Repair of the nostril of the nose
mohs reconstruction with a nasolabial flap to repair the nostril margin
                                Before                                                             After

This patient presented with a through and through defect of the nostril margin. A staged cheek flap along with an ear cartilage graft was performed in order to repair her nose.

Forehead Flap to Repair the Nose
mohs surgery on the nose with reconstruction with a forehead flap
                                Before                                                             After

This patient had MOHS surgery for skin cancer of his nose. The MOHS surgery was repaired with a two stage MOHS reconstruction procedure called a forehead flap. He is shown here 3 months after the MOHS procedure and reconstruction was performed.


Dr. Jacob D Steiger MD is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery. He practices in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida treating patients from Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, as well as patients from all over the US and from around the world.

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